eCentricHR enables all the Corporate customers and Government Companies by providing them with the required manpower. We provide general staffing services for different types of sectors. Our expertise which ranges to more than fifteen years made us one of the best recruitment companies in INDIA when it comes to general staffing. Our expertise helps us to grasp the customer requirements easily. We provide the required resources to customers at optimal cost. Through our general staffing services, the customers can reduce their administrative burdens, costs and time. At eCentricHR, we have separate recruiting teams which are specialized for particular sectors. Our qualified and well-trained teams work according to our customers’ requirements. These teams help the customers in identifying the right talent for the given role by following our pre-defined full hiring life cycle. In general staffing, our process includes from selecting the candidates, then interviewing the candidates who can fit into that particular requirement. Among them, we choose the best candidates and convey the same to our customers. As per the customers’ instructions, procedures like offer letter & on-boarding, exit and all the other processes are done. eCentricHR takes on for all statutory activities, employee benefits, HR activities and compliances.




eCentricHR is one of the strategic government staffing provider and business partner of the both governments of India and USA. We even provide our services to their key suppliers. This includes prime and set-aside business contractors. We provide best staffing service solutions to these public sectors. eCentricHR is dedicated to placing best employees, which can meet the government requirements like confidentiality, security and so on. Even though the requirements are complex, we can respond quickly by placing qualified employees.

Government Staffing for CDM, NICSI, UID:

eCentricHR has entered into Government Staffing in the year 2008. Our first Staffing services started for Ration Card reduplication. This service continued up to 2009. In 2008 eCentricHR has started Clinical Data Management (CDM) on Electronic Data Capture (EDC) for India practice. In 2010 eCentricHR has extended staffing services to National Informatics Centre (NIC) and National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated (NICSI). Our staffing services to NIC and NICSI is still continuing successfully. We have placed more than 1500 candidates for Government MMPs. Apart from NICSI, we have successfully got Unique IDentification (UID) project staffing in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Odisha and Delhi. In 2012 eCentricHR got additional Empanelment from NIC / NICSI and since then we have been a reputed name in Government Domain.

Government Staffing for SRDH:

eCentricHR has received State Resident Data Hub (SRDH), a project which is first of its kind in India. Our staffing in this State Resident Data Hub project collects both demographic and biometric information of the citizens residing in the state. Demographic information includes citizen’s name, address, photograph and age. The biometric information includes Unique ID which links to Aadhaar and other government schemes.

Government Staffing for IGRS and NPR:

IGRS is one of the projects in which our staff scans and digitize the land records of Andhra Pradesh state. Our staffing services in this sector extend data entry services for The National Population Register.

We are successfully supplying staffing services for these projects. We feel proud to be one of the best and trusted Recruiting Service providers for many Government projects.


The right team can make the difference between success and failure. In the ever increasing competitive world, finding a right candidate for the right job has become important. eCentricHR’s engineering services have helped different engineering sectors in finding the right people at the right time. At eCentricHR, we understand the challenges the customers face in their business. We serve across major engineering sectors by filling the skilled professionals into the roles the customers expect. Our qualified recruitment teams select the candidates who can deliver success.

We deliver staffing services in different engineering sectors which include Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Financial, Automotive, Pharma and so on. Our staffing solutions have helped many customers even in their Research and Development at their R&D centers. Our staff has effectively delivered high-quality designs and modifications required in industrial sectors. Our engineers have worked in some of the most demanding and prestigious projects in the Automotive sector, Heavy Construction & Industrial machinery, Medical Equipment and Consumer Electronics sectors.

Contract Staffing in Engineering Sectors:

If a customer has short hiring deadline for a contract based role, we are ready to help them out with our engineering staffing solutions. Whether the customer needs individuals with similar skill sets or diverse capabilities, eCentricHR’s professional staffing team will work to find the best talent. Our recruiters have an in-depth market knowledge and industry experience in their chosen specialty areas. As the engineering trends keep on changing, our teams keep on upgrading their recruiting skills in their sector according to the changing demands. This helps them in delivering best options to customers through their upgraded technical and functional expertise.

Contract to Hire in Engineering Sectors:

Our contract-to-hire service allows the customer to see our talented candidates in performing their actions. Once the customer is satisfied with the candidates’ worth, then they can extend the contract to a full-time offer or a long-term commitment. The customers can see exactly what and how our candidates perform the given task. They can even know how well they will fit into customer’s team and their future plans.

Our Happy Customers:

Our customers include major Automotive Companies, Industrial Design Centers, Construction and Industrial Equipment Majors, Leading Off-Highway Vehicle manufacturers, Consumer Durable and Medical Equipment manufacturers.