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About eCentricHR

eCentricHR – One of the best Human Resources Consulting Company in INDIA.

eCentricHR has a full-fledged team of HR professionals that digs deep into the core of the recruiting services. However, our unique approach defines a distinguished method which is acceptable to our customers in INDIA and around the globe. Our implementation in HR Services has attracted many customers across the globe which include Fortune 500 companies, Multi-National Companies, Government PSUs and even StartUp Companies. On another hand, our company’s teams put on each effort in understanding customer’s business before applying their thought. We deal in coming up with facts and in-house training set up to enhance our employees' skill set. Apart from this, we follow prescribed procedures regarding policies, candidate satisfaction. We adopt new trends and technologies in HR Management, Organization Structure and so on. 

 eCentricHR has the expertise to deliver the services in areas like HR policies, onboarding & exit, leave & attendance, regulatory compliance, payroll, performance management, training & development, grievance handling, help desk, employee satisfaction, recruitment handling etc. 

Why eCentricHR

Why customers look at eCentricHR for better-recruiting services.

Company Overview

eCentricHR started its services under eCentric Solution Private Limited. Seeing the growth rate in Human Resources Services in 15 years, its expertise in this field made eCentricHR as one of the most sought after Human Resources company in INDIA.

Vision & Mission

Every organization sets some goals, mission and vision to survive for a long term. We have set up our own goals, mission and vision for long-term existence. We run our business on a foundation of trust.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition is an organization’s statement of how its service or product will benefit its customer. eCentriHR’s Value Proposition is compelling which has a number of responsibilities.


Mr. Sridhar is one of the first generation entrepreneurs in the IT Revolution. He started Paradigm InfoTech in 1998, eCentric Solutions in 2002 and has been growing the organizations ever since.

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